Support for CE Certifications – Power, Radio, Medical equipment

Ennebi Electronics provides, thanks to its technical experts of CE Certification, support during the product and systems design or re-engineering to ensure the compliance to meet the Health and Safety European Directives manly Machine, ATEX, R&TTE and PED directives.

All machines and industrial installations, but all products also, have to meet and compliance with European Directives that requires the product and manufacturing process certification, according to requirements of specific technical standards or ambient regulations Ennebi Electronics take the responsibility to perform all the services required by law. First of all draw up the technical file for the verification of:

  • Product compliance with respect to EU directives
  • Equipment compliance that the company has, produces or sells

Also offers the service of:

  • Compliance verifying: on-site inspections to verify the compliance of the product with the directives and technical standards delivering a complete detailed report with technical advices for most appropriate modifications to meet the regulations, all illustrated by photographic material and audit reports.
  • Eequipment, machines ( new or used) purchase and/or sale consultancy.
  • Job procedures elaboration
  • Periodical control and calibrations of the equipment Log registration and management

The activity of Ennebi Electronics is characterized by:

  • Engineering analysis of machinery and systems to identify problems and potential non-compliances;
  • Re design solutions definition into machinery and equipment to meet the standards;
  • Elaboration of technical specifications and dossiers that will ensure the compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements, validating the CE Standards requirement and assistance during the testing;
  • Elaboration of manuals for use, maintenance and/or operating procedures together with the product directives;
  • The Product Manufacturing dossier implementing;
  • Technical drawings and the facility blueprints preparation;
  • Performing of functional testing and en of line testing.

Important reference point for the design, manufacturing sale of electronic and electro-medical equipment since 1995

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Important reference point for the design, manufacturing sale of electronic and electro-medical equipment since 1995