The main objective of ENNEBI Electronics is to meet, in a continuous way, the explicit and implicit needs of its customers, satisfying all legal requirements applicable to the product.

This strategic objective is declined annually in a series of measurable objectives (in terms of time) that management, with the support of corporate resources, is committed to reaching and include the following objectives:

• Customer satisfaction for the product supplied and services rendered in the development of each acquired order,

• Continuous improvement activity developed by both professional point of view, and in the application management of every document issued.

The above objectives are to be pursued through the application of the following strategies:

• Maintaining a constant level of quality of the product / service and maintenance of the delivery terms than provided to the customer.

• Starting the policies of improving the product / service

• Continuous evaluation of production processes and control activities with a view to their constant refinement and research of more and more focused document development.

• Examination of the market in order to obtain a more adequate number of customers to the type of product / service provided by Ennebi Electronics, providing at the same time to a selection of the existing ones.

• Systematic examination of the internal and external failures by identifying its causes and providing for their quick elimination, equipping its fleet with more and more updated equipment and technologies, suitable to obtain the optimization of the combination of quality / cost.

Statement by the Management Authority

The Directorate of ENNEBI ELECTRONIC recognizes as a strategic objective in the Quality Policy, the predominant need to provide a QUALITY SYSTEM ‘axes to treat customers to product quality and reliability in the expected level in the context of a globally efficient service.

The Quality Management (QM), responds to the DIRECTION (DIR) that mandates, with full delegation and autonomy, have the necessary measures for the implementation and maintaining of the defined quality system.

The QM also provides to verify the correct application of the system itself by any interested business function.

The QM is also responsible to keep systematically informed the management on the progress of adopted Quality System, its application and the improvements to be proposed on product standards, process and Quality System ‘. And ‘therefore in this context that management has defined and developed the evolution of SQ
Edited by the business objectives are defined annually that are based on the following topics:

• customer Approval

• Continuous improvement business efficiency

• Reducing non-quality costs

In addition, for each objective, are outlined its strategies to pursue.

And ‘therefore it requires the commitment of all levels to make their own policy to achieve more ambitious goals through a constantly improving quality system.

Date: June 1, 2019

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