PCB Design Services

Important reference point for the design, manufacturing sale of electronic and electro-medical equipment since 1995

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is the base component on which to build the electronic board.

Ennebi Electronics S.r.l. thanks to its long years of experience, innovativeness capacity and flexibility team work is able to give the customer support in the design and supplying of printed circuit boards.

The PCB productions has extend from the single and double-sided up to more the complex multi-layer boards, from the professional applications to those with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) for Safety Instrumented Function (SIF).
PCB certified UL and guaranteed by the ISO9001, IRIS and ISO 14001 standards. The lines to which we rely on the production are equipped with the most advanced tools and machines from the accuracy and industrial automation point of view: the total quality is guarantee from prototypes to mass production.
Ennebi Electronics monitors all the production process, ensuring the quality of PCB manufactured and the full traceability. All the processes are certified according to the highest quality standards of the customers belonging sectors such as: railway, medical, industrial automation, avionics and defense. Our main services are:


  • Design or co-design
  • Development of the master layout


  • Speed Prototyping
  • Mass production for most various PCB types: rigid, flexible, rigid-flexible, for high frequency applications
  • Laminates FR4, high TG, Halogen free, CTI> 250V
  • Multilayer with hybrid materials, up to 24 layers
  • Circuit boards with copper sink and aluminum
  • Special materials for high frequencies (PTFE, Rogers RT / Duroid TM)
  • Impedance controlled
  • Blind and buried, laser perforation, HDI
  • Certificated metallographic sections
  • Safety (SIL)
  • ROHS finished with chemical tin, chemical gold, lead free HAL.