Magnetic Therapy

The use of the electromagnetic energy to regenerate and re-polarize the cell membranes. Bio-regenerating action, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and analgesic

Ennebi Elettronica S.r.l. has over time developed the know-how and all the hardware and software technologies to develop and produce equipment for Electromagnetic therapy (short-wave therapy)..

One of the equipment for the electromagnetic therapy developed and produced in ODM / OEM with technology Ennebi Electronics is Di Plug.

La Magnetoterapia (o elettromagnetoterapia) è una forma di fisioterapia che utilizza l’energia elettromagnetica. Si tratta di una cura efficace, sicura e non invasiva.

I numerosi campi e numerose modalità di applicazione tendono alla regolarizzazione dell’equilibrio elettrochimico della cellula e al restauro della corretta permeabilità della membrana cellulare. A questo fine le zone interessate da patologie muscolari, articolari, ossee e tessutali in genere, durante le sedute di elettromagnetoterapia vengono sottoposte a irradiazioni mirate.

The Magnetic (or electromagnetic therapy) is a form of physical therapy that uses electromagnetic energy. It is an effective cure, safe and non-invasive.

The many fields and several modes of application tend to stabilize the balance of the electrochemical cell and the restoration of the proper cell membrane permeability. To this end, the areas affected by muscular disorders, joint, bone and tissue in general, during the sessions of electromagnetic therapy undergo radiation targeted.

The magnetic fields of the equipment used for the magnetic interacting with cells promoting the recovery of the physiological conditions of equilibrium.

The Magnetic therapy is particularly indicated in cases where it is necessary to stimulate tissue regeneration after damaging events of various nature.
Magnetic therapy is contraindicated for people with pacemakers pacemaker and electronic equipment as it may interfere with them, and according to the practitioners would be contraindicated in the presence of neoplastic diseases, because it would accelerate the development.

It could also have effects of vasodilation and is not recommended in cases of coronary insufficiency, hematologic disorders or vascular alterations functional organic, psychopathology, epilepsy, infectious diseases, fungal diseases, hyperthyroidism, endocrine syndromes, tuberculosis and pregnancy
There are three types of magnetic therapy:

  • static,based on static magnetic fields, a stable field
  • low frequency, which consists in applying, via a solenoid crossed by an electric current button (that is exclusively composed of half-waves of the same sign), an electromagnetic field
  • high-frequency, also known as magnetic radio frequency, is based on the emission of radio waves of frequencies between 18 and 900 Mhz in short pulses, the frequency of which is adjustable. Proponents argue that these radio waves have the ability to enhance the immune response of individual cells, helping them to find an appropriate “balance.” Moreover, again according to them, and without those results have been demonstrated in the scientific literature, the high-frequency magnetic therapy fluidificherebbe the blood, improving circulation, and alleviate the inflammation.

The beneficial effects produced by magnetic therapy are:

  • regeneration of injured cells with improved enzyme kinetics
  • repolarization of the cell membrane
  • anti-stress and acceleration of all phenomena repairers with a clear action Bioregenerating, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, pain relief

One of the most important advantage of this therapy is the total absence of collateral effects.

Main characteristics of ‘equipment for electromagnetic therapy:

  • Modulation Type: packages signal modulated on-off with variable duty cycle
  • Fundamental frequency of oscillation: 20 to 30 MHz
  • Frequency of Oscillation maximum: 100 ÷ 5.000Hz

* With internal battery lithium polymer and / or

* Power supply medical battery charger 100 to 240 Vac 6 Vdc 500 mA

Possible any customization to get new personalized product in short time