Hardware, Firmware and Software developement

Firmware e Software

Dal 1995 un punto di riferimento importante nel settore della progettazione, produzione e vendita di apparecchiature elettroniche ed elettromedicali.

The HW and SW design is the core of all the companies that based their own business in the production and construction of complex products of any typology whether material or conceptual.strong>

Thanks to high level of knowledge, methodologies and development tools our R&D team is able to develop hardware, software and firmware for new equipment with the latest technology and in quickest time. Our staff takes care of change obsolete electronic with on-production devices to redesign parts of the electronic equipment. (Electronic reengineering of: boards, modules and products.).

Our quality system defines that all the HW and SW design and product development phases should be carried out in-house, assuring the customers innovative products and possible to be certified. Our services:

  • Customer needs analysis
  • Functional and constructive specifications elaboration
  • Reference standards verifying
  • Feasibility study with development cost and time budgeting
  • Hardware design
  • PCB master layout design and development for single layer and multilayer
  • Firmware development for embedded applications: Assembler, C language and VHDL for FPGA
  • Software development for PCs: Windows, Linux, Android, etc.
  • Materials and electronic devices research
  • Prototype, sampling, testing, laboratory tests for certification
  • Functional analysis and project validation
  • Production process definition for small and large batches
  • On line final testing, certification and manuals elaboration
  • Technical consulting
  • Project life cycle management

The HW and SW design process, through the appropriate use of the technical standards, calculus, drawings and elaboration of the specifications. Leads to the definition of the best processes for the production of a component, of an apparatus, of a product or of a service.

From complex circuits for electric network management and control to the most common products for professional and consumer applications, Ennebi Electronics offers a wide range of services:

  1. Feasibility study
  2. Hardware and Software product technical specification elaboration
  3. Electronic devices search on the market
  4. Writing of technical documentation
  5. Electric diagrams drawing
  6. Topographic diagrams
  7. Mechanical drawing
  8. Printed board master layout design
  9. Custom devices defining
  10. Firmware development and debugging
  11. Custom LCD Realization
  12. Support to the certification process