Electronics for Portable Cooling Systems

Medium/Large scale production with support of far-east productive units when the best cost/quality ratio is required.

Ennebi Elettronica designs and manufactures electrical covers for portable coolers or portable refrigerators.

In evidence Ennebi Elettronica propose:

  • Electronics for: power supply and temperature control
  • Peltier Thermo electric solutions
  • Fans for heat dissipation and circulation of the cold
  • Sensors of temperature
  • Development of molds for custom plastic shells and insulation

Also Ennebi Elettronica designs and produces accessories for portable refrigerators, like:

  • Cable for connection to the lighter: 12 VDC Cable to connect the refrigerator at the lighter socket.
  • 230 VAC – 12 VDC Adaptor: Converts the AC 230 Volt to DC 12 Volt current. Dimensions cm 7,5x12x5,5
  • Trasformator 24 VDC – 12 VDC: trasforms from 24 V AC to 12 Volt DC. Dimensions 7x10x5,5 cm.
  • Battery Controller: controls the switching off of the fridge when it is connected and the engine is switched off. Dimensions cm 7x10x5,5 cm.