Research & Development

Important reference point for the design, manufacturing sale of electronic and electro-medical equipment since 1995

In research and development for OEM customers, Ennebi Electronics assures continuous innovation, technological development, Eco-design, co-design, industrialization and total technical assistance. The R&D services and laboratory test support are oriented to all professional fields of application (for instance: transportation, medical, industrial automation, energy and defense).
Each phase of the product life cycle, from feasibility studies until the actual design and until the transferring of electronic boards or products into the production process, is monitored so that we can offer the customers a complete traceability of all the development process.
At the end of the design process, cause of the strictness and the care taken at every phase of product realization, an official certification compliance with the industry standards (IRIS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001) is delivered.
The products and systems designed and manufactured by Ennebi Electronics are oriented to the full satisfaction of the technical requirements and to achieving of the most challenging objectives of cost and reliability.

The service offered by Ennebi Electronics does not end upon delivery of the product produced, but continues over time, assuming various forms:

  • technical assistance
  • staff training
  • intervention in case of emergency events
  • Electronic products life cycle management
  • Products installing and updating.
  • corrective and evolutionary maintenance