Electronic Price Tags

Important reference point for the design, manufacturing sale of electronic and electro-medical equipment since 1995

The Electronic Labels are a fundamental tool for the management of the products displayed on the shelves of a store as capable of transmitting a series of information (price, promotions, etc …) to the labels themselves associated with certain products.

The product information is updated in automatic mode and at the same time are clearly visible by the end user thanks to the LCD display that shows, where provided, including any current promotion.

The operation of the electronic tags is very simple: after each label associated with a particular product, the data (file price) are processed by the pharmacy management and sent to the transmitter which, in a short time, proceed to the automatic update of each label .

The hardware components of this type of equipment are:

  • Infra-Red transmitter and its control unit
  • electronic labels and related supports

The advantages obtained with the use of electronic labels are:

  • allows the prices updating in automatic
  • allows to make instantaneous changes in sales prices based on the needs of the pharmacist (promotional campaigns, discounts, …)
  • improves the image and the organization of the store
  • increases customer satisfaction thanks to the exposure of the price always correct and up to date, highlighting also, where present, the discount on the product
  • reduces operating costs by getting an increase in productivity
  • Paper saving