Electronic Manufacturing Services

Important reference point for the design, manufacturing sale of electronic and electro-medical equipment since 1995

he Electronics Manufacturing Services (E.M.S.) supplied by Ennebi Elettronica are a full service and cover all the electronic application areas. All the processes carried out by Ennebi Electronics meet the IPC standard and the international regulations of the various sectors in which our customers operate (ISO 9001, IRIS, ISO 13485, ISO16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9100 *, OHSAS 18001 *).

Designing, prototyping and manufacturing of electronic cards. Even the most sophisticated and with a very high number of components, is the specialization of Ennebi Electronics S.r.l.
From the operating activities flow until the planning & logistic, from our global network for the purchasing of components from the best suppliers until the assembly lines & testing.
Total quality, technology and equipment to be able to assemble any type of device available on the market are the strengths of the company.
The processes are implemented according to the Lean Manufacturing principles and the lines for SMT mounting, THT assembly final test allow our partners to have the latest and most efficient technology to grow and develop our own products, reducing initial investment and reducing the Time-to-Market.
Ennebi Electronics has the necessary technologies to assemble circuit boards with any type of component available on the market:

  • Chips down to 01005
  • Melf
  • Tantalum Case A B C D E P
  • Alu Cap
  • Any type of inductors
  • BGA soldering from 20 to 50 mm
  • Fine pitch 0,4 mm
  • POP: Package on Package