Product Engineering

Important reference point for the design, manufacturing sale of electronic and electro-medical equipment since 1995

There are different variables to manage during the product development process. Among these, crucial for the success of the overall process is the ability to balance the increasing of the product complexity with the increasing of performance and quality.

Digital prototyping allows the Ennebi Elettronica’s development team to define a product in the context of its use, in order to analyze the behavior and quickly identifying the factors that determinates quality and performance of the product.

To bring a prototype into the mass production process – from concept to mass production – it has to go through an engineering process. In this process:

  • the electronic devices positions are optimized,
  • the best production mix and process is defined and
  • All those aspects that allow and efficient production in terms of volumes and costs are elaborated

Ennebi Elettronica with its high qualified engineering staff guarantees their customer product development in short time, at low cost and compliance with customer expectations.