DNA and RNA Analyzer

DNA sequences analysis has never been so easy.
GeneOne is the device able to detect fragments of DNA and RNA for analysis in the laboratory or on site

It is a compact and flexible system that allowing the analysis of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) characterized by a high cost / performance ratio.

It is an apparatus capable of detecting DNA and RNA fragments for analysis in the laboratory or on site.

The device DNA and RNA Finder Ennebi Electronics is used in the study, research and identification of pathogen agents (virus/bacterials) and contamination, and in the generic analysis of detection of DNA and RNA sequence of the samples.

The product consists of a thermo cycler and a measuring system combined in a single portable and solid equipment.

The total absence of moving parts reduces consumption and allows use even in the toughest conditions.
Its operation is fully configurable and the thermal profiles are imported and exported with a USB support. The graphical touchscreen interface simplifies the user interaction and walkthrough the user in all the procedure.

Technical specifications

  • Thermal cycler for PCR and fluorescence detector lend point to low consumption. Supports standard configuration and isothermal
  • thermal cycler cells thermoelectric temperature control with repeatability of 0.1 ° C. Maximum temperature 95 ° C. Minimum ambient temperature: 5 ° C
  • Heat exchanger sink active high efficiency, heated lid anti-condense
  • Support for standard tubes 4.5ul
  • Fluorescence detector with optical filters, system excitation and detection of the issue modular (1/2 wavelengths 490nm-535nm)
  • Control system TFT 4.3″ tousch screen
  • GUI control for viewing machine status and configuration
  • Operating voltage: 230V-100W for the version with 16 tubes, 12Vdc auxiliary
  • User Input: Touch screen TFT LCD
  • Thermal cycler to TEC element
  • Detection temperature in two places, the plateau of 16 tubes
  • Absolute accuracy +/- 0.5 degree

Optical Unit Technical characteristics:

  • Optical filters and focusing tubes of pipe measurement
  • Detection of Current illuminator
  • Features Control
  • firmware able to be upgraded
  • USB port for connection via PC
  • Able to be expanded at two wavelengths
  • Full bridge Peltier Management with PWM regulation
  • Languages selection